Discrimination (7)

You know that Anti-LGBTQIA bill in North Carolina? Well, it seems to encourage people to discriminate against those who are part of the LGBTQIA community.

With this Anti-LGBT+ bill, North Carolina has taken a step backwards. They are not only taking away the rights of many individuals, but they are allowing any LGBTQIA member to be discriminated simply for who they are, particularly those who are transgender.

It is a relief that there are many people, including celebrities, who have spoken out against it, including Demi Lovato and Nick Jonas, who were among the singers who cancelled performances in North Carolina:

Other singers, such as Bruce Springsten, Pearl Jam, and Ringo Starr, have chosen to boycott their shows there, as well (click here).

So many people, and so many companies, have spoken against it. So many people want this bill to be repealed—and yes, that includes me. Basically, it encourages discrimination, and that isn’t what we need in our progressive world. So it needs to be repealed, and people need to stop taking away the rights of other people.


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